Saturday, December 24, 2011

O Christmas Tree

I know my last post was incredibly, well, ugly. It's real and it's how I feel. But...I do love the lights and the smell of our Christmas tree, but mostly love some of the precious ornaments adorning it this year and for every year going forward.

Handmade ornaments from Auntie and Ron,
using my Great Grandma's sandbakkel tins.

Our (messy) tribute to our babies, made at the
TEARS Foundation holiday remembrance.

Beautiful antique-y glass hearts.
Thank you, Lena and Susan.

Loving tribute to my babies, from my friend
and former supervisor, Michelle.

Our tree, a partially groomed Noble fir we cut from
our neighbors' tree farm. Pretty and bittersweet.

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  1. Invitation #3 worked!

    Amy,this was/is a big holiday for children. It's only natural that you will feel the loss of your two babies at this time. The fact that it is the first Christmas since makes it that much harder. Firsts, always seem to be the hardest. I was lucky enough to have one baby but, my mind kept going to the one I lost that first Christmas (and I remember her every Christmas and daily). There is no doubt about it, it IS hard. I really like the ornaments you have for the babies. What a nice way to keep them in the holiday, this year and years to come. ((HUGS))


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