Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wish fulfilled!

Folks, we've had a miracle! Dr. M. had wanted to peek at my two follicles today to be sure they weren't ready, thinking he'd see me again tomorrow for another ultrasound. Well, those follies grew a bunch the past 24 hours! This morning they were 21-20-12 mm. Those first two are ready; the second may grow a tiny bit and be somewhat viable. There was also a fourth tiny one hiding amongst the other three that likely won't amount to anything.

My uterine lining still looks good (7.6mm), although it's crooked, which is strange. Dr. M. isn't concerned. He had his weekend medical assistant, a youngster (probably early 20s) named Mimi, give me my hCG trigger shot in the behind (she did a good job!). The follicles should burst about 40 hours later (so, around 12:00 a.m. Tuesday). Our first of the two IUIs will be tomorrow at 5:00. Paul will have to go in one hour earlier to provide a sample, which the embryologist, Dr. C., will clean and prepare, and then we'll do the IUI. (For those of you who want to know, you can read more about sperm preparation and IUI in these frequently asked questions.)

I can't believe we're actually ending this cycle with extra Menopur in the fridge! Hopefully we'll never need it again, but just in case, we'll have 6 extra ampules "in the bank" if this cycle doesn't work and we have to try again in February or March.

The rest of our day is full: I have to finish my responses to two sets of written interview questions for the bump/layoff process (due tomorrow) while Paul puts the Christmas lights on the house. We hope to finish both in time to attend a TEARS Foundation holiday remembrance gathering tonight in Puyallup. We've been unsure how to get through the holidays while keeping our babies in the fronts of our minds, so this event feels like a good start. I'd better get busy!

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