Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running low

Dr. M. called me unexpectedly as I was driving the country back roads, my cell barely getting a signal, coming back from making sure the old cat belonging to the folks we lease summer pasture from had enough water in this cold, snowy weather. Dr. M. is always pretty quick on the phone, and usually mumbles, so I have to concentrate when I'm talking to him to be sure I get the information I need.

He got my first set of test results. My anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) level came back low. I think he said it was 2.8, or maybe .28, but I didn't fully get that part. He said, "We'll work with what we have." I'm sure his brain is already formulating a different, probably more aggressive plan for March's planned stimulated IUI cycle. Meanwhile, he wanted to check that I'm testing my urine LH level with OPKs (yep), looking for a positive (yep, still negative so far), so that we'll do an unmedicated IUI later this week (yep).

Tomorrow I'll have my first appointment with Pat, the Hypno-Fertility/Hypnobirthing teacher. She has a good idea of my background and knew I was having my AMH tested. I'll be curious to see what the crunchy midwife in her might suggest to improve my reserve, or at least the quality of however many eggs I have left. I've already been searching Mr. Google and have read a few suggestions, such as taking DHEA supplements, or Royal Jelly (haven't seen anything to back that up). I'm wondering if acupuncture might help there, too. Probably!

I was hoping my AMH would come back normal, but I'm not surprised it didn't. Neither was Dr. M. I am, after all, nearly 38 years old, well into "advanced maternal age." I'm going to try to stay positive and optimistic (which, surprisingly, I feel today) and trust that Dr. M. will know what to do.


  1. Well that's disappointing news. I'm sorry friend. I wish I could do something.

    Just keep your eyes on the prize and hopefully you will have all the eggs you need.

  2. I wish you get a positive OPK and something works out for you in this cycle

  3. hi amy, i used to do acupuncture when i was doing fertility treatments and i definitely believe it helped. i was also doing acupuncture later when i got pregnant naturally with my daughter. i think it is worth a shot for sure! although it is probably not covered by health insurance, which is a bummer. but if nothing else, i truly felt more relaxed and overall balanced after my acupuncture sessions.

  4. I hope you got to your appointment today and that things went well!


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