Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mixing it up

Today's transvaginal follicle scan wasn't what we'd hoped. I have three follicles, all on the right side, and nothing on the left. The three are currently 12mm, 13mm and 8mm...the latter is pretty far behind and not looking very promising.

Given the state of affairs and the fact that I would otherwise run completely out of Menopur on Friday night at the current dosage, Dr. M. suggested we try Gonal-F, another, more powerful follicle stimulating hormone, in place of my morning Menopur dose.

The good news is it comes in a rechargeable pen, so that with each dose I just attach the needle/drug mechanism, dial in the dosage (150 iu), stab myself with it, remove the needle thing and toss it in my sharps container (a.k.a. empty detergent bottle). It's a subcutaneous injection, like my mini-Lupron, so I can easily do it myself without too much fear/tweakiness. Plus, I won't have to get up with Paul in the mornings since I can wait until my "normal" (i.e. right before breakfast) time instead of having to rely on him to give me an IM injection.

The bad news? Well, it was another $300 (at 50% off, actually a huge savings, but still $300 we hadn't expected to spend), and it's not necessarily guaranteed to work. Actually, there are no guarantees at all, well, unless you count the fact that there's no way we'll have to worry about overstimulation this time. The best we can hope for is that at least the two dominant follies grow (relatively rapidly) to sufficient size that we can do our back-to-back IUIs. If we get the third to grow, that's an added bonus.

Now we wait on pins and needles (pun intended) until Thursday morning, when I go in for my third (unexpected) follicle scan and more blood work to see whether I've had sufficient change. I feel like we're up against the clock (or calendar, as it were), since Dr. M. leaves for his Christmas holiday on December 23rd. Ah, well, plenty of time to work out my mistrust of my own body, I suppose...


  1. Sucks about the $300 you weren't expecting...isn't is ALWAYS just before Christmas these extra costs seem to come up....grrr. I am hoping that it is worth every penny and that Thursday brings you guys some good news!

  2. Just wanted to LYK know that I did several IUI's with menopur and follistim. When I did IVF we used Gonal F and I responded soooo much better to it than the other drugs. Just wanted to pass that along! FX for you!


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