Thursday, December 15, 2011

Desperately seeking a miracle

Today's (third!) follicle scan was not what we had hoped for. Yes, there's been some growth, but it's happening more slowly than it should. Two days ago my three follies were 13-12-9 mm. Today's measurements were 15-13-12. That's half the expected/normal 2mm daily growth.

(Per Dr. M., the documented pregnancy rate is 95% for follicles 21mm+, 80-ish% for follicles 19-20mm, and in the 70%s for 17-18mm. Bah humbug.)

SO...the plan is to continue with my current dosages of mini-Lupron, Gonal-F and Menopur and come back for follie scan #4 on Saturday morning.

I'm not feeling very optimistic about several aspects of this cycle. For one, I'll be out of the pricey Menopur and Gonal-F by Monday. I've never used this quantity of drugs in my previous cycles, always having several ampules of Menopur ($38.75/ampule, plus shipping from Europe) left over for the next time. That doesn't appear likely to happen this month, meaning if we don't conceive, we'll have to pony up for 30 vials of Menopur (unless Dr. M. decides that drug just doesn't cut it for me anymore). On top of that, I predict, based on my current 1mm/day follicle growth, I won't hit the recommended 21+mm size for the lead follicle until Wednesday...which would mean that not only will we have to fork over more cash for additional drugs to last through Wednesday morning, but we'll also have to pray that Dr. M. will let Sierra do our second of the two IUIs on the 23rd, since he'll be on his way to Canada for Christmas.

The silver (uterine) lining is that my (uterine) lining is looking "good" and shows the much desired triple stripe. Yay lining.

Now, if we can just make some magic happen so that we have strong potential for something burrowing into that lining, we'll be golden.

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