Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry for the sudden "darkness"...

Hi all,

If you're able to read this, it's because you're currently a follower of Our Tiny Angels (official or otherwise known to me) and I sent you an invitation. Thank you for accepting!

I do apologize for the very abrupt privatization of my blog and the fact that it will not send new posts to your feed reader while it's set to private. Now that it's incognito, I'm a bit more free to share that I received a letter notifying me that my (union-represented) position is being bumped by an employee with more seniority. I have a heap of footwork to do so that Human Resources can find a different job for me to bump into; my "stuff" is due Monday and my options will be revealed on the 29th. (Yeah, Merry Christmas!)

Meanwhile, I was directed me to check out a position coming vacant on Monday that might be a really great fit for me. However, realizing I would be having an "informational" interview with the hiring manager, I decided it would be prudent to hold my personal tragedy and current attempt to conceive tight to my vest for now. (Best not to reveal my continued need for occasional FMLA usage and deep desire to land myself on maternity leave - hopefully during 2012 - oh, and oopsie, potentially at least four weeks of prescribed bedrest, too...Will that be a problem? I can work from home... Ha!)

Anyway, I'm grateful you're still with me. I love the support I receive through sharing my thoughts and feelings. It really helps me to process this crazy life of mine. As soon as things settle down on the job front and I feel safe doing so - hopefully no later than mid-January, but preferably sooner than that - I'll delete THIS post and make my blog public once more.

By the way, I'm also changing the way I accept comments on posts, so I'm hoping this will encourage more of you to share your thoughts with me. No more pesky Captcha image or buggy Google login.

P.S. The timing of my blog darkness is interesting, given I'd been grappling with whether or not to share our current TTC outcomes publically. I had decided I would, for three reasons: it felt like the braver choice; I know how much hope and support I get from reading the journeys of other babyloss mamas in their first pregnancies after loss and hope I could provide the same to others; and, frankly, in the event we do get pregnant (fingers crossed), I wouldn't have to manage the inability of some folks in our lives to keep secrets (my hubby included, which was a HUGE bone of contention during our pregnancy with Aliya and Bennett). I find it rather ironic that the blog has gone private for totally different reasons in the middle of our current IUI cycle after I'd already decided to keep it public. The best laid plans...

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  1. Amy, As a blogger and a hopeful mom-to-be who has experienced/endured numerous tragedies on the road to parenthood...I understand. I have also had some hate mail on my blog, so (and because I can blog about other things, aside from our adoption journey) I have just stopped blogging about_that_, but sometimes it is hard to keep all the secrets inside. I appreciate being able to share in yours.


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