Friday, April 13, 2012


It's official: there will be no IVF for us this cycle. Dr. M. called last night with my estradiol...385, essentially no change. He had me take 150 iU Gonal-F and 75 iU Menopur last night, and then 225 iU Gonal-F this morning. My follicles are now 20mm, 16mm, 13mm and 9mm. Bad, because only two will be in range. That's not enough for a successful IVF. It would, essentially, be a giant waste of that extra $3000.

He recommends we stick with back-to-back IUIs. He wants to see me again tomorrow (after I pee on an ovulation predictor stick to be sure my body isn't ready to ovulate on its own), do another ultrasound to confirm the follies have grown just a bit more, give me the trigger shot and have us come back for IUIs Sunday and Monday.

We are very disappointed. Yes, as Dr. M. reminded me (after calling me a pessimist - I'm pretty sure I'm just more of a realist) that IUIs got me pregnant in May. I reminded him that was very nearly a year ago (actually, one month shy of a year this weekend) and I'm now 38...making IUI now statistically that much less likely to work.

He did say that since the two biggest follies are in either ovary, Paul's sperm can't possibly take a wrong turn, so, yeah, I guess there's that.


  1. I know this isn't the news you were hoping for hon. But I am still hopeful for you. You have two good follies you can work with and you still have a good shot. I will keep my fingers crossed and send some love your way. This WILL work!

  2. When you can't get pregnant as easily as some people do its hard to not be a pessimist I think. I have never done IVF but I have done IUI and got pregnant and have also done an IUI and not got pregnant. I have also gone into the Dr. for multiple u/s a week just to see if any of my follicles had finally grown enough to get pregnant. I swear its like a game and I hate losing, especially when you try so hard to get pregnant and like I said others around can get pregnant so easily with no extra help at all.
    I'll definitely be thinking about you guys and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything will work this time.

  3. still wishing you the best although it was not the route you wanted. best of luck :)

  4. Hugs...gonna keep hoping this happens for you xxxooo

  5. i'm sorry, i remember so well how disappointing changes in the plan are. :( i hope the iui's work for you again this time.

  6. In so sorry I'm just now reading this... I realized that you had probably updated by now and it never appeared in my updates. And I am too scatter-brained to think to check.

    I'm sorry Things didn't go as you hopes they would. So frustrating! Did y'all go through with an IUI? What's the latest?


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