Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm having flashbacks to December's cycle; my estradiol increase has suddenly slowed. Dr. M. has changed my protocol and kicked the Menopur to the curb, just like in December.

So, tonight, I'm to take 150 iU Gonal-F and 75 iU of Menopur, along with my .2cc of mini-Lupron. Tomorrow, it's goodbye Menopur, hello 225 iU Gonal-F. We'll see what we see at tomorrow's ultrasound. Dr. M.'s assistant, Sierra, is pretty confident she'll be seeing us for egg retrieval on Sunday. That would be nice! (As a side note, now I want to see how many days it took for the Gonal-F to work in seems like things happened pretty quickly after changing to Gonal-F only )

How ironic is it that I have just one ampule (i.e. 75 iU) of Menopur left in my open box? Might we actually end up able to sell the remaining unopened box of 10 ampules?


  1. Oh I sure hope it works out for Sunday! Im ready to get this show on the road for y'all, so I can only imagine how ready you are! Keep us posted!

  2. Wow Amy, what a ride you two are on! Whatever happens, I'll be on the ride with you. I wish you a ton of luck at your next appointment and hope those follies are plumping up.

  3. Sending prayers and positive thoughts... holding you up through whatever life brings. ((hugs)) Deane


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