Wednesday, September 19, 2012

But wait...

Today was my baseline appointment. We thought we'd get the green light to start stims on Friday as planned.

There's just one not-so-little thing: the giant cyst in my right ovary.

So, huh. We should have been concerned when Dr. M., who did my baseline stuff locally, said that my estradiol, drawn this morning, was 313. That's really high, waaayyyyy too high for a baseline. Dudes, my peak for our December cycle wasn't much higher!

This sucker is truly massive, 2"x2"...more than twice the size of my normal left ovary. Dr. M.'s assistant was shocked that I haven't been in serious pain. I have had some painful twinges, but nothing constant.

So, because my ultrasound was at 5 pm and Dr. M. had to fax results, I won't find out what Dr. Z. wants to do about it until tomorrow. I dug my sole leftover birth control pill out of the garbage tonight in case another 20 days of BCPs is called for. I personally would rather have it aspirated, but I'm not known as a patient woman, so there's that.

I *am* glad I no longer need to worry about potentially reaching that horrifying 14th week of pregnancy over Christmas. And, both Paul and I, while bummed, trust in Dr. Z. and his staff and feel like somehow this will be ok. Let's hope that once this cyst is resolved, I will still have at least five resting follicles in my left ovary (today's good number), and an equal number in the right. For me, that would be an awesome starting point.


  1. Hugs, fingers crossed, hands praying, happy thoughts, and everything good that I can possibly think of and send to you. Love you.

  2. I am sorry about the cyst. I hope it resolves itself quickly and you will be on your way in no time!!

  3. Always something :( ugh hoping things get taken care of and quickly!

  4. Ugh. How frustrating! I hope you get good news tomorrow and am glad to hear you feel good about your doctor and his plan. Keep us posted!

  5. I'm so sorry of that darn cyst! I had a similar situation happen in May and I delayed the cycle and waited it out. I hope you can move along soon:)

  6. Oh wow. Just catching up on these last two posts. SO many freaking variables!! Gosh, I hope and pray this works out for you!! Keep us posted! Damn cyst!

  7. sorry about the cysts...hope it goes away on its own, aspirating it would suck! :/


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