Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the Pill again

What a long day, awaiting the call from Dr. Z.'s nurse with instructions for dealing with "The Beast".

I'm now back on birth control pills until next Thursday, and Dr. Z. wants to see me for another ultrasound and more estradiol blood work to see if the thing has shrunk any by then. If so, Nurse E. said, he may start me on my stims next Saturday.

A week's delay?! I have a hard time believing my body will only delay this process by a week, but we'll see. My job is to take the Pill. I can do that.


  1. Your right, your job is to take the pill and that is all! :)
    Leave the worrying up to the doctors, that is what you are paying him the big bucks for, right?

    My cycle in May left me on bcp for 2 extra let's hope that your E2 levels go down soon!!!

  2. All you can do is your part my dear. We will all wish that your next appointment will show a big improvement and hope you can get on with it! Fingers crossed.


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