Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three amigos

I watched my phone like a hawk on Wednesday morning. Dr. H. had said she'd try to call between 9 and 9:30 a.m., so every trip to the bathroom found me stuffing my phone in my bra for safekeeping (God forbid it fall out of a pocket into the toilet on such an important day), and every trip to the break room or copy room I held it - as inconspicuously as I could - in my hot little hand.

Finally, at 10:18, the phone vibrated with the clinic's main number. OMG. I took a deep breath and answered.

"Amy! This is Dr. H.! All three eggs fertilized well! You have three embryos!! We'll plan on biopsying all three on Friday for the PGD testing, and we'll see you on Sunday morning for transfer! I'll have a nurse call you with appointment time and instructions. This is great news!"

I cried and thanked her - all of them - for taking such good care of us, and then I hung up and called Paul, who was happy (but not tearful). :)

Nurse E., who we met on our very first appointment (and who had been on vacation the past two weeks so missed this whole thing!) called and congratulated me, and then gave me the run down on what happens next:

  • I pop my Valium at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday
  • We arrive and check in at 11:00, me with a full ("but not exploding") bladder (so the ultrasound bounces better and my uterus is straighter for transfer).
  • Paul will change into scrubs and come with me into the same procedure room where my eggs were retrieved on Tuesday
  • Embryo transfer will happen at 11:30, giving them time to get the PGD results and for us all to discuss them
Our dear friend, K, left a comment the other day calling our three eggs "the three amigos". We laughed at that...but here we are...truly with three little amigos in the lab, hopefully dividing away. This is amazing. They'll be biopsied tomorrow some time and one cell from each shipped to the lab in San Francisco. We don't get to know anything about the embryos until we show up on Sunday, but we trust they're in good hands.

After transfer, I will be on strict, flat-on-my-back-except-to-pee bed rest for the remainder of the day. At Nurse E.'s suggestion, I've taken Monday and Tuesday off from work to relax and lay low, a la' modified bed rest. I'm allowed to shower, prepare food, use the bathroom and sit up to watch TV, but nothing strenuous. I will be having acupuncture specifically to relax and prepare my uterus for implantation tomorrow after work, and will go again late Monday to help make my uterus extra cushy and sticky for our embryo(s).

At this point, we have no idea how many to transfer. Obviously, if we end up with only one normal one, that's who goes back in. If we have three, I personally would like to transfer one and freeze two (one = lower risk to my automatically high risk pregnancy, and two frozen = siblings/insurance), but Paul's on the fence. I have a feeling he might be subconsciously be wanting a do-over. If we end up with two normal, then we have a dilemma. One would be safest, but there's a risk of losing an embryo during the freezing/thawing process, so freezing one could be risky. We need to talk about it more so we're clear and in agreement, and then rely on Dr. H.'s expertise and suggestions on Sunday.

There is, of course, a chance that our embryos will arrest their development before Sunday or come back abnormal per the PGD. That would be devastating, but I will say that this entire last year, and our experience losing the twins, prepares us better than any non-babylost parent for the worst. I have personally expected it all along, and yet, so far, we're getting the best instead. We pray that trend continues...


  1. Your friend K is clearly hilarious ;) hehe I do love your 3 amigos and have hope for each one! Holy crap I can't believe after all you have been through that this week is really here and all these amazing things are happening! The next time I see you guys you could be growing M's newest buddy I hope I hope. I'm so giddy I may squeal!

  2. Just want to let you know that you've been on my mind all day. I am so happy about all of the good news you've been getting. Today is my youngest daughter's third birthday and I secretly made a wish for you when she blew out her candles. XOXO!

  3. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and praying everything goes perfectly!

  4. Woohoo! This is awesome news!!! Will be thinking of and praying for y'all Sunday! Please let us know ASAP!!

  5. wonderful news! good luck this weekend :)

  6. Crossing all fingers and toes.

  7. I've been checking your blog to see if there was an update and what a great update it is :) You keep getting good news and I hope it keeps on coming! Good luck Sunday and I'll be checking your blog again then :)
    Love you,

  8. Today is Sunday... you are in my thoughts and on my mind. Ok, now I sound like a damned country song, but Honey I love you and I am sending lots of good thoughts for strength, peace and serenity. Know you are loved, and I hope you can feel it flowing through you during every moment today.... (((Loving Hugs))) Deane

  9. Hey... Was thinking of you and wondering (hoping) how the transfer went! Let us know when you can! Hugs!!


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