Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 weeks

Time's moving right along. It's hard to believe. By this time with the twins, we were (for some reason) starting to feel a glimmer of hope. In fact, four days' gestation from now last time, we went to Babies R Us for the first - and last time - as expectant parents, and had fun looking at car seats and test driving strollers. Hard to believe.

In other news, I'm on pins and needles, awaiting news of the arrival of my twin babyloss mama buddy's rainbow IVF baby boy, Raz (nickname), sometime tonight! Alisa lost her twin son and daughter in October and her blog has been very wonderful to follow. She made it to nearly 38 weeks with a healthy pregnancy...which gives me so much hope!

This update will be quick, because we have a pizza waiting to eat (I'm starving!) and NCIS to watch before bed. :)

How Far Along: 12 weeks today. E2 is now the size of a lime (about 2" crown to rump).

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of yesterday, I was actually back down to a net gain of 3 lbs. Whew!

Maternity Clothes: I pulled out my (light) khaki maternity slacks, so now I've had two days of maternity pants for work in a row. Comfy!

Movement: Definitely, but I can't feel anything yet. We'll get a good show at the NT scan on Thursday.

Sleep: Same as previous.

Gender: Same secret as previous. :)

Symptoms: The morning/all day sickness hasn't been so bad this week. However, I caught Paul's cold, despite my smug belief that the 4,000 iU of Vitamin C I take daily made me immune. Damn.

Cravings: Pizza has been quite yummy. And I dig a nice, cold green salad, so long as I don't have to make it.

Belly Button In or Out: In.

Freak-out of the Week: Not so bad this week, although I'm very quick to cry. I chalk that up to a mix of pregnancy hormones, Christmas grief and my raw feelings about last Friday's school shooting in Connecticut. The fact that a twin was lost - and what that will do to the surviving twin and his parents, so much more complicated than "regular" grief - pains me to no end.

Looking Forward To: Thursday's appointment extravaganza. We're meeting with a doula in the morning up in Tacoma, and then will head on to three appointments at UW: the NT scan (Paul's first look at our baby since the 6 week ultrasound), a meeting with the genetics counselor, and an appointment with my MFM.

Next Appointment: See above. The next one after that will be on Christmas Eve morning, bright and early, for the visual inspection of my cervix that I demanded Dr. M. perform.

The Belly - 12 weeks (in maternity pants).


  1. I see the bump! Love! I'm so glad that things are going well so far. Come on weeks let's just fly by all nice and drama free mmmkay?!?

    On a side note we also love NCIS so much so that we named out cat Gibbs no joke!

  2. Amazing! Having had my baby I have been out of the loop! So wonderful to hear you are pregnant...It ain't easy this rainbow baby ride is it??? I can't wait to see your belly get HUGE!!


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