Wednesday, December 26, 2012

13 weeks 1 day

How Far Along: 13 weeks 1 day today. E2 is (roughly) the size of a peach (measuring large* the last two ultrasounds).

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm rounding out the first trimester with a net gain of 5 pounds, including Christmas treats. Not too shabby.

Maternity Clothes: Full time maternity pants for the 1.5 weeks, but maternity tops look baggy, so I'm making due with my regular shirts and sweaters...with mixed success.

Movement: Yes! Moving and shaking. I felt a little movement several days ago...two "tap tap tap" sensations in one spot just as I was falling asleep one night. I've felt tiny flutters several times this afternoon in the same spot.

Sleep: Pretty good, although I'm not well rested. Still getting up 4-6 times per night to pee, plus getting up with the dog at least once per week (hate that!), plus crazy dreams (not always pregnancy related...the other night I dreamt I was driving a backhoe around a dirt school track, trying to catch up with Paul, who was helping pick up garbage or recycling by pushing a dumpster with our tractor as a garbage truck pulled it. Weird!)

Gender: Same secret as previous. :)

Symptoms: I've had another episode of vomiting right before bed, but just once. Other than that, I've had more non-woosy days than I have had nauseous days. It seems the crazier the day is, the less I feel sick. I really hope things are coming to a close.

Cravings: None, really. Oh, but my grandmother-in-law got me a $50 gift certificate to our favorite Portland, OR steakhouse for Christmas, so I have a feeling that craving will return soon!

Belly Button In or Out: In.

Freak-out of the Week: No real freak-outs, per se. Lots and lots of tears, though. I miss my twins so badly (Christmas Day at our house was hard despite being so busy hosting the event), have some fears about this pregnancy, have raging pregnancy hormones, so yeah. Nice combo.

Looking Forward To: Sixteen weeks (less than 3 weeks to go!), when the official** cervical length ultrasounds begin, as do my hydroxyprogesterone shots. Then I'll feel like we're really doing something to keep me pregnant. After that? 28 weeks, our big goal: 80-90% viability.

Next Appointment: January 7th for another unofficial*** transvaginal cervical length ultrasound and transabdominal look at E2.

E2 during the NT scan at 12w2d, with a leg up and hand
next to the face. If you look closely, you can see fingers!
The belly, 13w1d (today).
Please forgive my stupid baggy ass maternity jeans!


  1. I love those little fingers! Glad to see baby is doing well. xox

  2. Hi! I found your blog through a post you made in First of all, I'm so sorry for your previous loss, I know how you feel, we have lost 4 pregnancies in the past 4 years. I'm in the same path as you are 13w2days and all our previous exams and ultrasounds came back normal! That is so exciting, but eventheless some fear lays underneath... I'm more faithful and more positive this time!

    Hope you're excelent in this pregnancy, and hope we carry our babys to term. My family doesn't know yet, but we're looking forward for weeks 16-18 to tell them...

    Thanks for sharing your story!! Cheers!


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